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13 Best and Worst Housing Markets of 2013 Revealed

It’s that time of year again, and along with the dawn of a new year comes predictions of how housing markets will fair in the process.  AOL released a list featuring, none other, than the 13 best and worst real estate markets of 2013.  Markets have been trending up-wards overall in the U.S. but we are from out of the water for 2013, as many markets continue to struggle as the economy has been slow to recover as the budget insecurites inside the U.S. government have slowed economic growth.

Without further adieu:

Best of 2013                                        Worst of 2013

1. Houston, Texas                               1. Detroit, MI
2. San Francisco, CA                         2. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
3. Bethesda, MD                                  3. Miami, FL
4. San Antonio, TX                             4. West Palm Beach, FL
5. Austin, TX                                        5. Cape-Coral/ Fort Meyers, FL
6. Seattle, WA                                      6. Palm Bay/ Melbourne, FL
7. Omaha, NEB                                     7. Chicago
8. Peabody, MASS                              8. Orlando, FL
9. Fort Worth, TX                                9. Tampa, FL
10. Louisville, KY                               10. Lake County, WIS
11. Little Rock, ARK                           11. Jacksonville, FL
12. Middle Essex County, MASS   12 Las Vegas, NEV
13. Boston                                               13. Tucson, AZ

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