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Housing Starts up over 2 Percenct in August

Yet more good news for the housing market was released today.  After news last week that home sales in Olympia were up in August, and the home builder confidence index rose 3 points in August, it seems only fitting to get more good news about the Olympia real estate, as well as the whole U.S.

Today the news coming out of Wall Street, that new housing starts are up 2.3% in August.  New housing starts or “The New Residential Construction Report” is a market indicator released by the U.S. census bureau, and used by wall street traders as an indicator for the future of the housing market.  Today real estate stocks were on the rise, on the heels of the new of increasing housing starts.  

Olympia real estate has already seen an increase in sales and new home starts over last year.  This news boads well for the Olympia and Lacey real estate markets, to go along with near historically low mortgage rates.  The next indicator that the Olympia real estate market has made a full recovery is consumer confidence in Olympia real estate investment properties.