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HUD HOMES – Selling Agent Resources

Helping your client purchase a HUD Home is easy, but the paperwork is different!

Need Help with a HUD HOME contract? Contact Us or Call 360-789-3890 with any questions or concerns.

Helpful Tips

*To place a bid for your client on a HUD Home, you will need to create an account at the HUD Home Store
After creating your account, you will need an NAID #.  To sign a HUD Sales Contract and place a bid on a property, you must receive an active NAID from HUD and register as a Bidder on the HUDHomestore site. To get a NAID, complete the necessary forms and provide all required documents to the HUD Homeownership Center that has jurisdiction over the state where you’re located.

*Finding available properties is easy!! You can find all active HUD Owned listings from NW Home Experts Teams Here or find all active listings in the entire state of Washington at the HUD Home Store*Be sure to check the availability of the property you are looking at bidding on.  HUD Homes differ in availability, whether Owner Occupied, Hero at Home, or Open Bidding, HUD Home Store clearly displays which HUD Homes are available and to whom they are available to.*Bids are placed exclusively through the HUD Home Stores online bidding system.  In the event you have placed a bid on a home, agents will be notified by a winning bid email.  You can also check the status of your bid online at the HUD Home Store, by logging into your account and selecting bidder functions.*If your buyer is awarded the winning bid, you must submit a contract to the asset manager BLB Resources within 2 business days.  BLB Resources has many tools for agents to use.  They offer instructions on how to complete a HUD sales contract or if you prefer a video tutorial on completing a HUD sales contract, BLB Resources has that too on their video resource YouTube Channel.  You may also Contact us NW Home Experts Team at any time, with any questions you might have.*Earnest money checks must be delivered to the listing agents office with 2 business days of an accepted bid. EM instructions can be found inside the HUD sales contract.

*BLB Resources Has a huge library of resources for agents to use, to help make the process as simple as possible. Please Check the BLB resource page under the tab IMPORTANT INFORMATION, also we are always available to assist you in the purchasing process.


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