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Top 8 Home Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home

meddy garnet

Most real estate agents can tell you they have talked to many people who have gotten very upset when they found out that all the work they did to their home added no real value. Heated floors in the bathroom, fresh paint on an accent wall, a barbecue pit in the back yard are all things that you really enjoyed, but they really aren’t things buyers are looking for when they are house shopping.  

To stretch your dollar the farthest and get the most from your investment, focus on these 10 home improvements:

Plumbing & Electrical

A buyer not having to worry about two of the most expensive home repair costs can do a lot for the value of your home. For that, they are far more inclined to purchase a property with updated plumbing and electric.  The average return on plumbing and electric is around 260%, making it the most valued home improvement.

Remodel Bathroom

For those of you with aging bathrooms, updating your bathroom with new tile, tubs, sinks and counters will add huge returns on your investment.  Adding a new bathroom, or updating the master bathroom are great ways to increase the value of your home.


Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, that’s why making any improvements to your kitchen will add value to your home.  First things first, get rid of that old paint.  Adding new paint will put life right back in that old kitchen. If your flooring is not tile or laminate than your flooring is probably dated as well.  Get rid of the vinyl flooring and your kitchen will instantly appearing more modern.  Bring it home with some new or refurbished  cabinets, and matching appliances and you can increase your homes value.

A remodeled kitchen will see a return on investment of about 168%.

Curb Appeal

First impression are everything right?  So, what makes you think it is any different with your house?  The truth is, adding curb appeal to your home can have a huge impact on whether or not anyone actually takes a look inside.  But never the less, sprucing up the aesthetics of your home can add big time value to your home.  Things you may want to consider; have you removed all the clutter from your yard, like trash, yard debris, unused vehicles? If not just doing a clean sweep will greatly improve curb appeal. A poorly maintained lawn can have an impact on the value of your home.

Most of these projects can be done on the cheap.  With a little hard work and planning, you can have your yard looking snappy, all while adding value to your home.  

Refurbish the Attic or Basement

Converting either of these spaces to a spare bedroom or living space can add value to your home and net you 75% return on your investment.  Although this can be somewhat of an expensive project, if you have the means you will see a nice return. 

Windows and Doors

Replacing windows and doors with energy efficient replacements will add significant value to your home.  Not only will you save money on heating and A/C, but their are tax credits available to you as well.  


Both maintaining your current roof or replacing your old roof add value to your home.  One of the most prominent things brought up in real estate transactions are new roofing.  It is important to keep moss and limbs off your roof, as well as keeping those gutters clean.  Not only will you add value to the home, it will also increase curb appeal. 


The problem with many old houses are the lack of storage space.  Adding more room to store stuff will draw a nice return on investment.  Storage can be done in a modern and chic way.  Adding organizers to a closet, or shelving in the garage can make life a lot less cluttered as well as add value to your home.  

Before you jump into any major project it is important to do a few things.  Be sure to shop around for the best bang for your buck, but also make sure to not to just go with a contractor or roofer because they are the cheapest.  Do your research!  Also, contact a real estate agent to find out what the trends are in your neighborhood, what houses are selling for and what buyers are looking for.  This will help you get an idea of what to focus on first when doing improvements to your home.