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Upgrading or Renovating your Olympia Home for Sale

When making improvements to your Olympia home, make sure you are aware of whether you are making an upgrade or renovation.  Doing this will help you establish the best value of your improvement.  Remember, not all improvements are going to give you a return when you put your up home for sale in Olympia.  
A few of the best things you can do to get the best return on your investment when you are ready to contact an Olympia real estate agent and list your home for sale, are to make upgrades and renovations.  When you are selling a home in Olympia, you need to know what the buyeres are most often looking for. We usually suggest making some upgrades or improvements to your home.  This can help make your home more marketable, and attract a buyer.  
Some easy upgrades that can add value to home when you are ready to sell are:
Energy Efficiency- These upgrades are usually pretty easy, can reduce monthly bills, and can even offer tax breaks and rebates.
Additions- Unless this is a necessary upgrade to improve a missing part of the home you are selling, than these often costly upgrades may not provide the expected return.

Aesthetics- Scheduled or regular home maintenance, that is ongoing or required can be broken up by schedule.  Schedule maintenance makes them less costly and can also be done to prevent future damages.